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I posted in the other thread but I have to say it again here...San Antonio, Houston and Austin Camaro 5 owners are awesome!!

The wife and I always enjoy going out on Friday nights and meeting up with you guys and talking about cars, life, family...anything really! Looking at the cars too!

We headed out last night to TGIFs to do the same thing we always did...just meet up with some good folks and enjoy a night of talking and looking at cars! Man, was that the furthest thing from what actually happened!!

When we got there there was about 14 or so cars and I told my wife...this is a good turnout! But I didn't realize Ernest had been sending PMs and emails to folks to come out and celebrate me getting home! The end result was awesome to say the least!

I was speechless...honestly, floored! What a great group of folks you all are! I couldn't come up with a word to say last night...I didn't know what to say! It was an honor to be there, be apart of that gathering! It's about people, it's about caring and sharing a passion and about being good folks! Everyone was apart of that and to everyone I say thank you...thank you so much!!

It was great to catch up with those I already knew, and great to meet so, so, so, so many new owners!! My word...there were so many Camaros out there...double stacked in the road! The food was awesome too...thanks Justin!

Again all...from the bottom of my heart...thanks!! Thanks for the welcome home and I can't wait to get together again! Everyone of you are's a great feeling to know there are such awesome folks out there and to apart of it as well...what's the saying...."priceless!"

To each of you...thank you and so proud to be apart of such a great family!!

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