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I suppose I'll add my .02.

First off I do want to thank the team for listening to their enthusiasts. It's quite the honor to be incorporated in such a large undertaking as designing a car. And, personally, it's one of the biggest reasons GM is my favorite auto manufacturer. We've seen what a smash hit it's made the 5thgen. I have no doubts this continued relationship will make future models and generations just as if not more successful!!

For the short term, I'd like to see the team attempt to shave some poundage. Obviously nothing major, since it's largely impossible without a total redesign -- but we've seen that the mufflers alone are a 40lb reduction. Maybe now that you're not rushed to build a brand new car in two years, you can refine little things like that to make the package a little lighter?

Keep at that IRS. I'm sure you haven't tapped its potential yet -- show Ford how how this sort of car is supposed to handle! Make it a Hugger!

I'd also like to mention a Rev-Matching feature for the manual...similar to what Nissan's 370z offers. I admit I do not know how it works exactly, so I don't know if it's feasible. But it would compliment the Launch Control nicely!

Finally, in the short term, I'd like to see the interior get some attention. MOST of the short list of complaints about this car center around the materials used in the interior. I don't have a problem with it, but I'll admit that nicer materials would be appreciated and silence the nay-sayers.

In the long term, assuming this Alpha Platform rumor is true: I'd like to request, simply, that you try as hard as possible to NOT lose the long-hood, short-deck profile of the car during redesign. I trust you won't, since that profile IS Camaro...but I wanted to put that out there.

Can you also look into fiberglass body panels like the 4th gen and Corvette? I've no doubt it's pricey, but it saves some weight, won't rust, and if GM could do it on inexpensive Saturns, surely you can pull it off on the Camaro.

Thanks team!! And thank you, Garfin!!
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