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Originally Posted by Steeler NY View Post
First of all thanks for letting our voices be heard!

I have only a couple of simple request.

#1 HUD I have never had this option but everyone I have talked to that does LOVES it! It would be a nice compliment to a true Mussel car.

#2 MOVE GAS FILL back to the driver side! I donít know why car companies can't make this a standard! so all cars pull up to the pump the same way.

#3 make the "mail slot" on the 8's functional, that looks cheep as a fake air intake.

#4 have interior lighting go across dash from door to door. i know there is DIY ways of doing this but if done at factory it would be nicer.

Thanks for giving us this opportunity for input.

I canít wait for the convertible, this car ROCKS
I love having my fuel door on the passenger side. Its not a Camaro, but its still a 2 door coupe. Usually, if there is a line for driver side pumps there are open spots for passenger side pumps since few bother to drive around or back in. Plus, my door can go wide open without any fear of hitting something.
Note, if I've gotten any facts wrong in the above, just ignore any points I made with them
Originally Posted by FbodFather
My sister's dentist's brother's cousin's housekeeper's dog-breeder's nephew sells coffee filters to the company that provides coffee to General Motors......
........and HE WOULD KNOW!!!!

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