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As a non fanboy of either the mustang or the camaro i only have a few issues I'd like to see worked out. With the coming of the 5.0 mustang there is serious consideration on my part to buy one because of these issues, which btw are all defaults on the Camaro's part.

1. Weight
Idk what you can do about this but you have to find a way to shave the weight. With the mustang having a distinct advantage in the weight department, this is a big selling point for me because I don't have any gripes about the Camaro's horsepower, but with the increase in hp that the mustang is getting and the weight difference I'd have to think that it would be a much better performer.

2. reduced power in the auto SS
I don't have any problem with anybody driving a stick but for me it's just not practical at all. If i cant have the same amount of horsepower as the stick then whats the point, if I'm buying a SS I'd like to think that I wouldn't be worried about gas mileage or at least it wouldn't be a huge selling point for me. Thing for me is I know that GM can put an auto LS3 in the camaro!

3. The radio
I know this is a retro car but the radio shouldn't have been made like it's the 60's. I NEED the option to have a nav screen, or at least be able to buy a aftermarket piece to put in the car, but i wouldn't be able to because of the curve that the radio sits on.

Those are my only gripes about the car, they are MAJOR selling points for me and unfortunately the mustang is winning but I think the camaro is a much better car made by a much better company who could do much better. the camaro is a much better looking car and if GM could just tweak those things I'd be more than elated to purchase one!!

Love @ 1st sight

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