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Thanks to all reading our wants for future possibilities.......
Needed Changes -
* Power front seats (my son can not see over the hood)
* Front and REAR floor mats (had to buy a set - light grey floor mats in front - like they would stay cleaned....
* ABL across entire dash
1. Exhaust - I should hear all the horses I paid for. Take the resonater out and get rid of the tank mufflers off the back.
2. CAI - Should be an option from factory with SS models
3. Turbocharger - same as above, should be an option with warranty
4. HUD - Cannot see retro gauges behind steering wheel anyways so HUD would be nice.
5. Mail box slots should be functional or offer a functional hood scoop.

DON'T CHANGE THE BODY PLEASE !!!!!! It's not broke and don't need

I love my 5th Gen. Best car I have ever owned. An incentive for loyalty would be nice, be it for the Z28 of even a V6 for a son or daughter. Thanks for looking to your custumers for advice, little fixes for future owners helps keep the CAMARO #1.
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