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I am failing to see what is so impressive. It is not like it is handling turns, making sudden stops, or pulling out on snow covered climbs. Almost any vehicle can plow through a snow field with momentum and all season tires. Now if they would slap some Blizzaks on it and take it around a snow ring, that would be entertaining. I'd rather have a RWD with winter tires over a FWD with winter tires any day.

Also, as far as being harmful, snow is no different than rain, or humidity in the is the salt that becomes the problem.
i was thinking the same exact thing. Alot of quick clips and editing. The troubles most ppl would encounter with snow aren't tested here in this video. I myself, from Missouri, have had quite a few snow and ice days. I took my camaro out once in the snow/ice on a 10% grade hill. I came down the hill fine! LOL getting up the next hill was the problem. Got about 100 yards and quickly got stuck. After 30 minutes of spinning and rocking it miraculously came off the curb it had rolled back into and i let gravity help me do a reverse about face and go back home. But getting back up the hill i came down caused my car to spin again. There was so much torque on my back end. Any amount of gas i gave it just spun me out.I finally figured out that all i needed to do was just let off the brake the idle was enough horsepower to crawl me up the hill at 1 mile an hour. 100 yards at 1 mile an hour....never again.
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