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You have to get the snow tires and maybe thinner rims because with my 20's rs rims i cant get my camaro to move even on 2 inch snow. I'm serious one day I was running late to work and when I stepped outside I noticed it had snowed 2 inches. My second car the Nissan altima was covered with snow and wasn't warmed up and my camaro which I park under a roof was totally clean. I figured I had to take the Maro because the to dig out the Altima and warm it up I would be too late for work. I jumped in the totally clean snow free camaro and just like everyone told me I couldn't even get down the street. I tried using low rpm and it still wasn't working I had NO traction on flat ground, so it was that moment I decided snow driving was not for my Camaro. I was late for work that day but I didn't crash my camaro.
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