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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
I just have faith...and a little common sense...
You should put that in your sig for future reference. Just joking.

The Challenger and the Camaro are both agressive in their own different ways. To me the real downside of the Challenger design is the color choices. Ok, that's not really a design thing, but it kind of is. The orange that is on the Challenger is pretty cool, but it hides some aspects of the design. From some angles, the Challenger looks liek it is just... well... flat along the sides. I saw one up close and in person a couple days ago (the thing is quite large) and it actually has very subtle rear fender bulges (hips), simular to the Camaro, just not as nearly as pronouced as the Camaro. I think that if the Challenger cam in the same silver as the Camaro, some of this would be more visble (but still too flat-ish though). I've never seen a 5th gen in person (unfortunately), but from the butt load of pictures that I've seen, there isnt a color on this planet that could cover up the lines on the car. It's the opposite for the Challenger (just about EVERY color, expect silver and maybe white, covers the lines, because they were dumbed down from the original concept), and that is where the design falls short.

Plus I kinda wish the was some kind of badging on the side of the Chally, like the badge on the concept. Camaro still trumps the Challenger in my book

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