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Originally Posted by nester7929 View Post
Really no way to tell. We'll have to wait and see.

I did read your post above, I just think you may be overreacting a little bit. I certainly didn't imply it was easy to repaint the car. If you wanted blue, yeah it sucks, but it's not like you can't get an SS at all. A color choice should never be a deal-breaker, especially not with the features the SS has and the quality of the other colors.

Cyber gray or red for me.
It would be a deal-breaker if like, for many of us, we are sacrificing whatever we can to get our dream car. And those of us who happen to feel if we're paying ~30K for a car, we darn well better be able to get it in blue.

(And I don't mean this flippantly but--) Forget JetStream Blue votes; GM I'm voting you add the SS in both blues to the lineup! I don't want an LT/ LS!! I want my 422 hp blue bullet!
Did I mention I have a sense of humor?

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On order is a 1SS/ RS IBM with Black Rally Stripes, Beige Interior, manual transmission and a sunroof! Oh, and a stereo upgrade too! Ordered from CamaroScotty in WI. How will I get my baby home?
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