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Megan Racing Coilovers... Coming Soon!!

Hey Guys,
Megan Racing used my car to test and prototype their street coilovers system on the car. Man o man do these feel great. They are 32 way adjustable, ride height adjustable, look great, perform great, and the best part- AFFORDABLE!

These coilovers don't ride harsh at all. They feel very comfortable while giving you much improved handling.

My opinion on coilovers before where you would be bouncing around giving up your comfort of having a new car, BUT BOY i was wrong. These FEEL AWESOME!!!!!! Perfect IMHO

Here are some pics of the car with the kit installed. More pictures to come on the actual coilovers.

Will be coming out in about 1-2 months and would start around $1100 est. (comes with everything)

Will have all the specs soon!

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