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Originally Posted by PatrickfromMD View Post
Thankyou for commenting on this subject. BTW, I know I wrote Dealer “would not” but actually I meant he said he “could not” go below MSRP per GM. I did get him to agree (on the phone at least) if allocations change then things are open for discussion. He said a deposit is refundable. I think the smart move is to make a deposit and place an order. Some where I will have to sign on the dotted line and I may notate “as per your instruction that GM will not allow above MSRP sales for this allocation”. If there is some place I can include this, I can use it as a bargaining chip later perhaps ? thoughts? Perhaps as things get closer to delivery, things will ease up and they can work more on price (or from recent rumors, maybe Chrysler will be calling the shots by then hehe....just kidding, I sure hope not) . I suppose when the time comes , show them the antitrust laws (but I don’t want them to say, ok, we will give your slot to someone else. Its going to be a delicately played out deal with the almighty dealer I suppose.
honestly, you're in VA and Tom Henry Chevy is in Bakerstown, PA... skip dealing with the hassel of your dealership and call Tom Henry... he will hook you up with what you want and he will have the allocation to get you a car... call your local dealership and tell them that you were guaranteed MSRP at another dealership and you're taking your business somewhere else unless they guarantee you the same thing... bring up that you know there are anti-trust laws in the US that stop GM from being able to dictate what a car is sold at... if they still stiff arm you, walk... you'll be better off... and if you order from Tom Henry, you'll have about a 5 hour or less drive home to get used to the car.

that or get in touch with CamaroScotty and have him drop ship it to that dealership so your local dealership has to watch you take possession of a car that they could have sold you... lol
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