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I like how they put just enough there to give the feeling but didnt take it over-board, like the 77' T/A body-kit that was shown at SEMA, i thought it was okay, but the spoiler was WAY overboard, it was almost comical how rediculously huge that thing was, im glad they went their own way with the spoiler on this. Also i think the rims are a little lacking, it should have more menacing rims, and for once i dont think just straight-brute muscle car rims would be best xD, id suggest American Racing Phantoms off the top of my head. Im up in the air between the tail lights, they're unique which is cool but im wondering what else they could do with it, like maybe a wrap-around design?

Oh, and an afterthought i forgot to add, i love the black and red scheme, i almost wish they would have put the new twin-V logo on the hood like the old bird, but i definatly like the red, i think red looks the best as an accent to lots of black and personally im glad they didnt go with the monotonous gold accent scheme, not to say its [I]bad[I] i mean i love the Bandits but by now its just like "okay, not every T/A needs to be hark back to that piece of heritage" so im glad they went in a slightly different direction there and personally i like the color scheme better

(also as a new suggestion, id like to throw out the ASA AR9 rims, check it out)

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