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Originally Posted by PatrickfromMD View Post
Was at my Chevy Dealer again last night working the sales manager to hopefully work with me on pricing when ordering opens up.
He said once he gets his allotment he would be better able to deal with me. I just got off the phone with him and he says his allotment for the 1st model run year is 21.
HE further says MSRP is the lowest they would go, and it was not up to them, it was a decision by GM.
I thought Id throw this out to you all for comment. I can understand if hes only getting in 21 for the whole year, why they might not discount (they have an arrangement with COSTO for special member pricing BTW) , but I was surprised to hear them say this was a decision by GM? Does GM have such control over the dealers?

Id been popping my head in routinely building a relationship, and they claim to be the largest in the Washington DC region, with the largest corvette sales for an even larger area.
Should I go in and plop down a deposit? Is this the best I might hope for?
Well, now you know you dealer is not an honest dealer

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