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First of all, I would like to say Chevy did an amazing job on a first year production car, and thank you for providing the opportunity to provide input on future models. I am truly impressed with my 2010 Camaro.

In the short, most of the items I would like to see have to do with the interior as follows:

  1. I am not a big fan of the steering wheel. It's has an odd shape, and does not feel comfortable in my hand. I would also like to see the shifters on the Autos moved higher and setup more like paddle shifters rather than buttons.
  2. There is too much plastic in the interior. I know a lot of people love the lighted side panels, but they are a little too Disco for my tastes. Personally, I think American muscle cars should be more Rock and Roll than Disco. More metal trim and leather would be nice.
  3. If you have read some of the posts on this website, you will find a lot of complaints about the sound system. You will also find how difficult it is to do something as simple as replacing the speakers. Redesign the sound system for easy upgrade, so what should cost one hour in labor charges does not cost four to five hours. I am not talking about the replacing head unit, just simple things like upgrading the speakers and amp. Keep in mind, people will always want to upgrade their sound systems - make it easy by keeping it simple.
  4. Get rid of the On Star rear view mirror - it blocks too much of my forward vision. Move the On Star buttons down to the dash, and replace it with a smaller review mirror. Every time I get on a freeway on-ramp that is curved, I end up bobbing and weaving my head to see what's ahead of me around the corner.
In the long term, I would like the see visibility and handling improvements.

One final note, which is a somewhat off base for this post. I heard rumors about the Z/28 having a supercharged LS3. If you do that, every auto magazine will take the Camaro head-to-head against the Shelby GT500 on both the drag strip and on the track, which adds a lot of pressure to beat it. Personally, I am a huge fan of naturally aspirated power plants. I think Chevy should go for the cool factor, rather than taking on the GT500. My dream Z/28 would have a naturally aspirated LS7 engine, putting out around 550 HP. How cool would it be to have Z/28 badges with "427" painted on the hood cowling.
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