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1982 Camaro Berlinetta - Light Blue inside and out. It's the reason I hate blue now. LOL Only V8 I've owned actually. Was purchased for me by my parents.

1991 Camaro RS - Teal Green. I still love the 91/92 Camaro's. And I loved the Teal Green matching wheels.

1995 Cavalier Coupe - Teal Green (though the 91 RS Teal was much better) First brand new car. Best car I ever owned as far as reliability.

2000 Extended Cab S10 Xtreme LS - White with all the Chevy Bowties painted purple. Had a $4000 sound system installed.

2002 Camaro Coupe - God I miss this car...

2005 Aveo LT Sedan - As an appliance it's fine. But, man, is it boring...

I also have a 1993 Lumina Z34. But it's sitting at my mothers with weeds growing around it and mice living in it... It needs a transmission. I'll probably just turn it over to a scrap yard sometime unless someone wants to purchase it (a couple years ago people were asking about it but I didn't want to sell) for $500.

And the person I live with has had (since I've driven them a number of times)-

1989 Celebrity - Flaking paint and all around ugly car. LOL But it ran good for a $400 car.

1992 Bonneville - Car ran great, but he rear ended someone so he had mismatched hood. And he kept busting things inside. So he gave it away when he got-

1999 Regal SLE

He's hoping to get a new Tahoe in a year or so...
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