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Having some fun yesterday with Firebreather at Autorama

I have to say after owning a limited 84 Firebird that said Blackbird on the side of the door that seeing Firebreather yesterday was a nice change in pace. Other then the lighting yesterday being so horrible and listing to a couple of the owners complain about it for their cars, I have to say threw it all that Firebreather not only out does a lot of the new cars out there but it will hold her own out on the street. Please remember while she might have the body make of the Camaro she is not a actual Camaro. I have to say that taking pictures of her in that lighting they had is tricky to say the least. I have over a hundred shots of her and while I got a good hand full of them to turn out I would have liked more that had turned out. What I did not ask and should have is one I would have loved to see the inside of her and two I should have asked him to pop the hood because I really want/wanted to see what was really under that hood. All in all try not to be to fast to judge until you see this mean beast in person. I would make one change for myself though and that would be while he has white halos on her I would have a flip switch to change them to red Halo's or even orange. I like red better but the orange would have just a nice twist to it. I have a few nice pictures up in my album for anyone wanting to see her. My full thanks goes to Director/Writer Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad for spending the time to tell me about his car and allowing myself and the lady Highbeam here to step in and have you snap this picture of us with your car. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing Firebreather out on the road here for the filming of your movie JINN

Actor Ray Park to be the main actor in the upcoming movie JINN.
Played Darth Maul in Star Wars, Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe, and is playing Edgar on NBC's Heroes. Actor Ray Park playing a little Star Wars training with the crowd in front of Firebreather at Autorama yesterday at Cobo Hall Detroit, MI

Last but least here my good friend Highbeam has a wonderful album up as well of some of the featured Camaro's at Autorama Feb 27th, 2010 along with being with me for the photo with Firebreather. So check out Highbeams album of Firebreather as well.
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