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Alright, I made it home. I'm calling it an early night tonight as I've done almost 8-9 hours of driving, plus 2 big meals, plus waking up at the asscrack of dawn, plus trying to figure out how to make my car look detailed without so much as washing it for the Bakersfield meet today. I'll post pics in 4 threads tomorrow including video if I can figure it out.

I do have to say, my hood has gotten more comments than anything else on my car. The trunk...errrrm SPRUNK (yes I remembered Audrey)...gets the second most, and then anyone who actually sees the projectors (aka looks at my car at night) almost always comments on them. The only people that cared more about the procharger was the dynoday people. It's weird that cosmetic stuff is appreciated more.

Anyways, Gina and I are happy we were able to meet so many of you guys, and she enjoyed your company. She's relieved it wasn't all car-guy testosterone-induced conversations all night and actually got to participate in them.

Oh, and she wants to say this: "Hi PEACHES."
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