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Originally Posted by Z28CamaroGirl84 View Post
I was soooo anxious to see this movie cause of the camaro and i loved the whole camaro vs mustang part..which we all knew the camaro was going to knock the socks off the mustang.

Then when the that girl called bumblebee a "piece of crap" which i cried just a little cause you dont call a camaro a piece of ____ and then when it came back as the 08-09 camaro and heard that beautiful engine sound my heart started racing and i got giddy like a school girl, hit my boyfriend in the arm and told him we are getting one those the day it comes out...I cant wait untill that car comes out.

P.S : Im new to the camaro board ...nice to meet all you guys

Welcome Z28CamaroGirl84!

Glad to see another person from the bay area on the boards. I've been the only one so far. The same thing happened to me. My girlfriend didn't hit me on the arm though. She just said "OK, you can get one."
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