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Originally Posted by SimC33 View Post
Hmm I didn't notice they had put this up on there! This will help ALOT, but I still need to ask my salesman for SOME written proof that I will get my car and its refundable and blah blah...
They should write a receipt, or maybe you would want to make one up and have them sign it.

I gotta tell ya...I ordered a new Corvette, and didn't get refundable deposit in writing. When the car came in, they wanted to - let's say not offer an acceptable deal on trades or financing.

I told them to give me my trade cars keys and my $1000 deposit back. The weasels say "That wasn't a deposit, that was a partial payment" "It's non-refundable"

I used to sell cars years ago, and know the law. I told them I would have the FL State Attorney General's Office explain the law to them. They folded and gave me my money back.

It's your money until that car rolls all four tires over their curb, onto the public streets.

But, get a receipt and save yourself the argument, and hopefully, you'll have no issues. Whew! That was a lot of typing.
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