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Originally Posted by jojolax36 View Post
I think there are two factors that are leading to this. One is obvious, the camaro is freakin' awesome from top to bottom and front to back. Two, the 2011 mustang is gonna be pretty nice. I really curious to see what happens when the "new" mustang comes out? Call me a dork, but this kinda reminds me of when the PS3 and xbox 360 came out and everyone expected playstation to keep running the show but the 360 proved to be better and still is... Uh-oh can-o-worms meet the opener...

Yeah, I'm surprised that so many people are still buying Mustangs this close to the 2011 launch. I'd be curious to see if the sales of GT's is dropping off. The V6 buyers probably don't care as much about the 2011s...
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