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Originally Posted by camero View Post
That is pretty weird... and the user data says he drives an RS as well. Can't tell for sure but it looks like the rear spoiler and body coloured roof rails are missing too. I sure hope he wasn't tricked by his dealer!!! Hey Stew, can you clear up the mystery???
Right you are. This is indeed a 2010 2LT RS Camaro Custom. I ordered it with out Halo lights and without 20 inch wheels. I was told by the dealer( with who I am good friends) the Halo HIDs would cost around $800 a piece to replace if they ever went bad. And I personally like to rotate my tires to get full use out of them. With the 20 inch you can only rotate side to side. I plan on keeping this car for a long long time. So I more or less told him what I wanted and what I didn't want out of the RS package. I ordered the 19 inch wheels. I can tell you guys sure know your Camaros, LOL

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