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First Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to state our opinions and ideas in a forum that will be heard. You have received a lot of great ideas from Camaro owners. I would like to give my ideas as one of the guys that is truly waiting for the Z28 to arrive.

1 - I loved the HUD in my 99 Vette and would pay for that option again.
2 - Memory Seats, a much needed option
3 - The interior lights on the rearview mirror from the Corvette worked very well to light up the interior.
4 - Please DO NOT MAKE THE Z28 A TT V6!
5 - I will be happy with the LSA engine. Much, much happier with the LS9 engine. Take a look at Edelbrock's E-Force S/C package as a possible alternative to the Maggie S/C.
6 - A true air induction hood that looks like the SLP hood design.
7 - Use original Camaro colors, 67 Marina Blue is an excellent choice I might add!
8 - LED tail lights and parking lights to help distinguish the Z28 from LT & SS but please keep the RS Halo package.
9 - Any kind of weight reduction would be good.
10 - Include a short throw shifter with the Z28 package.

It is a beautiful car and I am ready to order a Z28. Thanks for this opportunity.
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