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I am the guy who wrote the article on the air runner suspension for the New Camaro. I am set to install a set in my 03 Infiniti M45 in the next month.

I have been falling in love with the new Camaro since it came out, I think Chevy hit it out of the park with that car.

A lot of people confuse Air Suspensions with Hydrolics. Hydos weld a fixed cylinder in place of the shock/strut resulting in a horrible ride.

The Air Runners actually take a set of KYB performance struts and place a "bag" where the spring would go. The new technology is so good that the Mercedes Benz CL63 AMG is running the same style setup.

They allow you maximum tunability with push button control. I love coilovers but they are a pain in the ass to adjust.

Check the site for a full review of the Air Runners once they go in.


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