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Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
The kitchen sink kills me.

Dragon since you have a a knack for finding old things. Can you try your hardest to find me an old superbowl commercial.

I believe it was '96 or '97 when a new Nissan vehicle was (re)introduced. It was either the Maxima or Altima.

The commercial showed this car leaving the car wash and driving home. Unseen by the driver, there's a 'squadron of pigeons' flying above. The pigeons have leather bomber helmets and goggles with scarves on and radio to themselves that the "target is aquired(I know I spelled that wrong)". The pigeons begin to start plopping trying to hit the car as it turns it's way on a casual drive home from the car wash. The bombs start hitting everything in site, including a buffet table until the punch bowl at the very end of the table almost explodes. Finally the leader of the pigeon begins to dive bomb trying for a kamikaze run. The nissan pulls into thed driveway and into the garage still unaware of anything happening and closes the garage. The pigeon doesn't realize that the garage door is a wall until it's too late.

*insert loud thud here*.

That's most of the commercial, but I hope someone remembers it, and better yet can find it online. There's your homework for the week Dragon.

Thanks in advance.

I remember that commercial.
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