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Originally Posted by mytiburon View Post
I would guess we will get raped. A base vette in the us is 49,000 and base here is 64,000. I would guess a fully loaded ss here will be 55,000 or more after taxes, Chevy just priced me out of a Camaro.
I'd price it more towards it's competition, it will have a similar markup to a Challenger RT, or in other words be in line with the markup on a Malibu SS. What competition does the base Corvette have Porche 911, so it's still cheap in Canada when compared with that (not saying we aren't getting raped by GM Canada on the Corvette, but other non halo cars are priced more in line with reality), I'll never buy a Corvette no matter how much money I make it's not worth being ripped off like that.
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