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Originally Posted by 2001ragtop View Post
The coolest part of the movie, is just before Bumblebee updates to a 2009, he just casually sees one already driving around in traffic. At that moment, I believe you can see two camaros on the screen at the same time. The one in traffic, you see the back of the car driving away and the front of the Camaro Bumblebee immediately changed into.

The movie concept Camaro is amazing in that at all times you see these ridiculously large wheels on a camaro, which are perfect for the movie, but I would not say realistic if you actually had to drive that. The movie Camaro is as stylized as you can get.

Yes seeing the new Camaro doing burnouts was pretty sweet. My spouse kept staring at me to see how I reacted to the car. She Also did not really know what this car looked like, though she had heard about it. i just sat there and pretended to be "normal" level of impressed when I was really extremely impressed. she knows I want to buy one.

And I AM going back to see the movie again ONLY to see the car again LOL The car just being in the movie is going to add I estimate $100 million in extra ticket sales.
Well I am going to be a big contributor to that figure, because as crazy as it sounds, I am going to see it for a third time, but I am going to take my neices and nephews to a Saturday Matinee to see it (1 neice and three nephews). I cant help it.
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