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Originally Posted by Bell040 View Post
Got anything with a little less purple in it? Im looking for the color of blood... mabye its my PC monitor making them look purplely.

I plan on driving to your place one of these days (from B'ham) and pulling them off in your lot if possible... so, I can pick from a color swath if you have one.

btw, what do you think about removing the pins/bolts/lines before coating... I noticed you left them in for the others.

... and do you already have the Brembo lettering?
I work out of my house, but you can use my garage if you want. There isn't any purple to that, but I do have a darker color also, its the anniversary red of the C4/C5 corvettes. As for the bolts and lines, they can be removed and left uncoated, but the bare aluminum gets dirty and stains quite easily. is offline