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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
I never noticed that sound...and yeah -- it's designed to do what it does safely and reliably.
The sound I'm referring to is just the engine jumping to the highest RPM's with a quickness when you downshift. The manual mode seems to feel comfortable upshifting but downshifting doesn't feel right for the car. It feels like the car is designed to slow down primarily with the brakes and then when you're going slow enough, you can shift down to a lower gear. So that's really nothing like a manual.

And when you're test driving the car and you ask the salesperson if you can treat the manual mode on the A6 like a real manual they of course say "oh yes, no problem, it can't hurt the transmission." But I beg to differ.

I would be very excited if you or someone else with real knowledge about this A6 transmission could tell me that this manual mode is more durable than I think it is.
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