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so im just wondering.. maybe its a stupid question but oh well.. example: if GMPP has headers.. and i put headers on a brand new camaro.. will that void the warranty? or like any of the other stuff thats coming from GMPP specifically like a cam???

OH. i may be blind but the first video.. at 25 seconds i think i see different grille set up! i THINK it looked like sliding headlight covers i seen three slits.. and look at the grille itself.. it has more going on in there!

or im just blind i duno
Grand Prix GTP COMP G 3.8 supercharged..
"Stock-ish"....i still can burn up some 22" wheels up the street! annd its wrong wheel drive!

HUD isnt all its cracked up to be.. after a while u forget its there.. i have one in the gtp, who cares.. im getting this thing NOW. im done waiting
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