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Originally Posted by Riderover40 View Post
So you want to bump the V6's HP rating..... I wouldn't blame you! SC or Turbo ? It is usually a matter of preference. Both mods have their pros and cons. I suggest you do some googling and read it all. My preference as you see is going to be a SC. I want reliability and performance without the worries or whats happening by generating excessive heat, turbos do that. Also, if you shut down a turbo to quicklu, before it cools down it will fry.

A supercharger, although it does rob power from the engine (belt driven from the drive train) it makes up for it. Cleaner....makes it invariably more reliable. A SC is also ready to go pretty much as sson as you step on the gas whereas the turbo has lag. Some people don't like the slight whine you get from a SC. I barely noticed it. A SC looks better too, I want to show it off and a Turbo, IMO, just looks like it doesn't belong!

Nuff said, don't cheap out. But one that has many "good" reviews and after purchase support. The TVS2300 has a 2 yr warranty and for 200 bucks I can get 3 yrs coverage for my engine! Speaks for itself eh!
I don't think you can still get the 3 year powertrain warranty with headers on your car.
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