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Just stumbled onto this thread....

Hey guys, I know this thread was started a year ago, but I just thought I would clear up any questions that you may still have...

First- yes, the 5901 does have 6 auxillary output channels which can control add on devices, such as window control modules, however, the window control modules are not included with the 5901. It is seperate, and is part number 530t from directed electronics Inc, usually costs around $100, it controls two windows, up and down. I charge $60 a window to install this add on piece.

Second- no, you don't need a robot to push your clutch in for remote start, lol! We just wire up the clutch pedal switch to contact using a status output wire from the remote start, very simple.

Third- yes, newer remote start systems can be installed on manual transmissions, and a couple of you are correct, you just have to follow a shut down procedure when you exit your vehicle that will tell the remote start system your car is in neutral.

Fourth- yes, it is possible to bypass the passlock 3 system, even without losing your spare key fob. The part number is 1101t from, this module will actually learn the resistance code from your vehicles immobilizer system, and send that resistance signal to your immobilizer (passlock 3) to allow your car to start without the key in the ignition.

I have been an mecp certified mobile electronics installer for 8 yrs, I don't own a camaro, wish I did though ! I hope my info helps someone who may stumble on this thread in the future!
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