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I think you guys should buy a Camaro and ship it over to Germany so you can fly down the Autobahn in it and drive the car the way it is meant to be driven!!!

I can imagine that if you were driving a Camaro around Germany you would freak everybody out in a great way!!! It would almost be like you were driving around in a UFO!!!

Once again, thank for the great documentary and I look forward to the next one!!!!

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Originally Posted by FlatoutProject View Post
Thank you very much for the nice comments!
We will try to answer your questions. If we forget something/someone, please feel free to remind us.

The silver camaro with the "lack of power feeling" was an early production model and this "lack of power feeling" appeared accidentially. (Although we were taunting Christoph all the time he should push the right pedal ).
All in all it was a great driving experience through overwhelming landscapes.

@catmaster: We hope you enjoyed your stay in germany. WeŽd like to test a camaro on the autobahn, especially the manual 426 hp version.

youŽre right some burnouts would be great fun. maybe we do this in our next films

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