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Originally Posted by RetroDude View Post
Don't be so sure of that. If it's not listed as being of the same paint code on the order sheet you signed then they, your dealer, will probably take it for being an extra service provided from them and therefore, you may be charged an hourly rate from their bodyshop! Not the dealers fault if dark grey is not the colour you want. GM should've just made them primed and ready for paint ... as well as lowering the cost by 20% so that you could've had your dealer paint them to whatever you wanted. Not sure if this is true, but I figure it will happen to someone out there. :(
So nearly $2300 and they're not even painted body color??!! That's outrageous imo. The price needs to be dropped considerably if you have to have them painted also.

Anyone know what the price of the rear diffusor alone is? I could get the front and side skirts later, but the rear diffusor looks so much better than the standard that I'd definitely want it.
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