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Thumbs up American Racing Headers (ARH) New Full Exhaust System (Updated)

I just received my American Racing Headers (ARH) New Full Exhaust System ~ 1 7/8 headers, High Flow Cats, X Pipe, and Mufflers. I'll install it this weekend and will have plenty of videos as well as a full write up. Here are some pictures to hold you over until then; enjoy!

Some stats on system
  • 3 inch to the axle, 2.5 inch axle back.
  • Tips are 4 inch Outside Diameter (OD).

Originally Posted by A.R. Headers View Post
Guys, There's a method to our madness. We deliberately downsize the system to maintain temperature which in turn promotes scavenging. This set up can easily support over 600 RWHP NA and a ton more with a supercharger.

We are extremely HP minded folks. If there was a need for 3" that far back in the system, rest assured, we'd be all over it.


Originally Posted by A.R. Headers View Post
Guys, Those that want the direct bolt-in set up for the ARH system to the rear axle needs to order part number CA-ARH-AXBK. We also have part number CA-ARH-STBK for those that want an axle back for the stock exhaust. Please PM or call me for pricing. 631-608-1986. Thanks.


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