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Originally Posted by cm5217 View Post
for you guys that have installed your own headers what o2 socket did you buy? I have been looking at them online and i see there are atleast 2 different types one looks like a deep well socket with a slot and the other looks like a shallow one with a ear off the side i guess for tight places so just needed to know if i need the one for tight places or will the reg deep well work? thanks
I use a 7/8 in Stubby open end wrench and a hammer to lightly tap the wrench until the sensor loosens. Works like a charm every time. If you don't feel like doing them your self, give me a hollar and I will do them for/with you. I just installed another members last week and I installed hundreds of sets on 4th gen F-bodys. I found that O2 sensor sockets aren't worth the metal they were stamped with. 7039670537 Tim.

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