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Originally Posted by RickAz28 View Post
GM has had 3 hardtop convertibles. the SSR, the Saab, the Pontiac G6.
They have the technology and no car at this time to use it.
Why not the 2012 Camaro?!?
The system doesn't need a 200lb motor, and canvas is a pain in the ass.
It doesn't take future technology to make a hard top convertible, it just takes lots of money, lots of weight, lots of room and lots of restyling of the car to fit it in there, none of which you'd really want. Don't get me wrong they are really nice, but not worth it except in a really expensive car where the extra $10,000 isn't that big of deal. The SSR was super expensive, the G6 was WAY more expensive than the normal car, which killed its sales, and there was never a Saab.

And it's also WAY too late for it to be even considered for the Camaro; the car's been done for years and we still haven't gotten it out on the road due to our bankruptcy and the bankruptcy disappearance of the supplier that engineered the original top for it... luckily the new one is going to be much nicer, but no chance of a hard top! You have NO idea what you're asking. That would have to be done from the very beginning, not added on at the last minute.
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