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Pedders Camaro/G8 Bushing Timing Tech Sheet.pdf
Pedders Camaro/G8 Alignment Tech Sheet.pdf

We have based our align specs for street and track based on professional drivers using telemetry equipment, tire temp monitoring, and recommendations from 3 professional drivers, including Paul Tracy.

The following Aggressive Street settings are recommended based on an average drop of 1 inch:


Camber to -1.0 degrees
caster 7.4 to 7.8 degrees (requires adding caster Pedders Caster eccentrics to get into this range of caster, which is very benificial
Toe: .1 degrees toe out each wheel.

This amount of toe out will reduce tire scrub and understeer, and will not add to tire wear.


Camber to -.5 degrees. Reducing the camber to this level will reduce understeer. With a 1 inch drop or lower, you cannot obtain this number without Pedders rear camber eccentrics

Toe to .05 degrees toe in each wheel.

For Aggressive Track

Now these settings are only for a Camaro with a Complete Pedders Track suspension Package. This setup with street performance tires can hit 1.38g's thru the turns, and have great tire temps all across. Paul Tracy said this setup was "PERFECT"


Cambers to -2.4 degrees
Caster 7.5 to 8.0. Requires Pedders Caster eccentrics
Toe .25 degees toe out each wheel. (This setting should not be used for the street)

Camber -1.2 degrees, Required Pedders rear eccentrics
Toe .05 toe in each wheel.

Here is a video of the Pedders Camaro with these settings, driven by Paul Tracy. Notice the Pedders Camaro being chased by a ZR1, which could not go the same line as the Pedders Camaro.

Here is a video from Chris Fessler, our dealer and sponsor:

Any questions just ask


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