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Originally Posted by izwar View Post
Ok so when chevy releases official prices these will be the MSRP of the car?

now from the MSRP is the starting point at which you negotiate with the dealer correct?.

How can dealers get away with pricing up a car 10K when people clearly know the MSRP? In this case i guess you just have to do a lot of searching for a dealer that is going over the MSRP?

P.S i just guessed 35 becuase i am intersted in the highest model chevy will offer even if it means ordering it i honestly beleive the highest model will be 40 (MSRP?) lol.
ALWAYS start negotiating from the invoice price, not the other way around. If you start with the invoice price, not only will you most likely get a better deal, but it lets the salesman know you've done your research and you mean business.
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