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it all depends on how crazy you want to get with it, your looking a 7-8K just for the kit at say 10psi any more than that(and this is only a guess) and your gonna need a clutch, new fuel system, a tune, some good tires, gauges, turbo timer, boost controller, pistons, metal head gaskets, ect. ect. ect. the list will go on forever the more you boost it, if you want to keep it at 10psi you should only need tires, a clutch, and some fuel parts the kit should have the rest but its like crack your gonna want more and more i had a turbo civic and it wend from 7psi to 13psi.......then BOOM!!!!!!.......after doing that a few times you start looking at stronger motors......the nice thing about the honda was i was getting motors for 400 and could install it in a few hours.....i dont think you wanna try this with the camaro
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