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Anyone in Tulsa want a FREE bottle of Mobil1 75W-90 Gear Lube?

hey everyone in and around Tulsa... i just changed my rear differential fluid and WOW! this is an absolute must for anyone with more than 1500 miles on your car!

you really only need 1 quart of lube if you were 100% efficient in getting every drop out of the bottle without dripping. i ended up only using 1-1/4 quarts.

that being said, i have 3/4 of a bottle of mobil1 75w-90 gear lube made specifically for limited slip differentials with friction reducer additives in it. the bottles are only $10 plus tax at Autozone, they do not carry it at pepboy's or O'Reily.

i thought about buying the GM lube and friction additive, but it was going to be $90 for 2 quarts of lube and 4 ounces of friction additive. i got 2 quarts of Mobil1 for $25 including tax and hardly used any out of the second bottle.

so if anyone in tulsa or the surrounding area would like to come pick up a free 3/4 bottle of mobil1 gear lube, be my guess... i do not plan on using it again until i reach 50-100,000 miles.

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