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Hello everyone,
Here is some answers for you guys, hope this helps.

1)The smoke from under the hood at the end of the run comes from the breather system that is not finished yet. The cause is when you let off the throttle after a hard run the rings will unseal for a split second causing blowby until they recover from the major change in cylinder pressure. We have a solution for this, just have to finish it.

2)I believe the boost is in the 14-16 psi range right now, but i have'nt checked it since we changed pulleys. I want to tune it all the way to 7500rpm first. The 896 run is only at 6000rpm. The 850hp/710tq run was with 12 psi. This engine is extremely efficient so it takes less boost to achieve a big number.

3)The fuel system is a custom system we are working on utilizing the stock pump system as a balance system. We use an eliminator pump for the engine. We are using the eliminator because we will most likely put 250 worth of nitrous on our car when we finished with everything else.

4)The block is a stock ls3 with some internal modifications that we do in house. The drivetrain is all bone stock right now as i wanted to find some limits for our own knowledge. So far with hard street driving and some 7500rpm wot launches in 2nd gear off the clutch we have had no problems. I will let you know when and how we find the limits. For now good job gm.
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