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Originally Posted by AH17708 View Post
So Saturday morning I go to my dealer and the 3 that they had were already ordered and accounted now im on a crazy hunt..but with work and school I wont be able to go on my hunt until next weekend...not to mention they want 2,000 for the deposit and they are chargin 5k over msrp!!! I dont want to do business with these clowns just afraid by this weekend...I will be too late and there will be no more at any other dealers here in the bay area for all of you who have ordered...should I stand firm and demand that I get the car at MSRP????..Ohhh The Agony :(
What dealer are you talking about? Like Tag' mentioned below, I think Mindz's been working on trying to find dealers up here to work with. Although I'm not endorsing them (I did buy my '02 from them), I think Folsom Chevy said they'd sell at MSRP, according to Mindz. Please don't quote me, because I don't want to put words in his mouth, but I think that's what he's posted in the California Section. I don't think I'd give Daugherty a chance, although, I've never had a sales experience with them (only service). Sullivan in Roseville may work with you, but those are the only ones around Sacramento that I know of.

Personally, I'm thinking of going to the outskirts of Sacramento to find a deal. I know when I was working in Woodland, that the Dodge dealer there wasn't charging mark-ups on Vipers because they were a pretty small dealer and just thought that small-town mentality would hold true to the other dealers in the area. I know my dealer didn't mark-up.

Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
talk to Mindz...think he's doing some sort of group buy....ya'll need to talk to a fleet guy.
Originally Posted by TomServo View Post
I went back to my dealer on Friday evening to make a change to my order (color, MX0 vs MN6 and factory stripes) during my visit I asked him how many allocations he had. He said only 9 for the first 5 months of production. He said he has more allocations for the vette - He said - ”wanna order a new vette”????

He also said of the nine, mine was the ONLY firm order so far. Everyone that was on their waiting list has opted out. When I asked him why he said because "some dealers" are discounting the Corvette so heavily and they are readily available it's killing him and others.

This seems so typical of GM's dysfunctional business and management practices these days. But he does have a point; you can buy a new 2009 1LT vette for $41K or a 2SS for $36K (or more with some of the obscene dealer mark ups being applied), this could skim off some potential Camaro buyers. Talk about “eating their own”.

I wonder how many new Camaro buyers will "opt out"in the coming months and buy a new vette, especially if we get into next spring and folks arent't getting their cars??
What is up with that?! Even if I could get a 1LT 'Vette for that price, I'd still get a Camaro anyways. Shoot, even if there were a model down the road that was in the mid-40s, I'd still get it over a 'Vette because I'm just a Camaro guy. Perhaps that's what GM is thinking...
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