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Arrow Yellow SS RS.....the journey of a fan....[COTW 1/3/11]

So I thought I would start this journal to document my journey on the purchase and modicifations to this car.

I had origianlly planned on buying a IOM in IO interior. I wanted a fairly base car as I always had ambitions of modifing the car but after 10 weeks of research and investigation I have just purchased a Yellow car 2 SS / RS with 5,000 miles.

I had unfortunately had a false start in that I had a deal to buy a yellow 550 Hennessey car but HOURS before I was to wire the money (and after I had arranged a flight, paperwork for the border and insurance) he calls me up to say he had sold it to someone else for $5k more. That cost me a LOT. Not because of the price exactly but because I had exercised stock options to pay for the car. Three weeks later and after exercising my stock options the stock is $10 higher. That meant a $13,000 'loss'.

I bought this car for a price I'm VERY happy with, $31,049. In addition it came with the OEM GFX and stripes but they were NOT installed. I'm confident that I can sell the GFGX for about $1300 - $1400.

After cementing the deal I asked WHY they were not installed and why the GM dealer that was selling the car did not keep them.

THEN I found out that the car was originally sold by another dealer as the "test car" for Consumers is a link with a picture of the car....very cool

He said they did not care about the GFX or rally strip so when they were finished with the car they just brought it to them to sell and left the "parts" behind. My gain.

So I have had to arrange for the car to be shipped from Hamden CT to Blaine WA which is about as far away as you can get and still be on dry land. I'll meet it at Blaine and then bring it through the border. It cost $1,250 for the shipping.

Currently I plan a very radical and significant build and I'll update this journal with time.

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