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Originally Posted by redsap05 View Post
This is were the choice becomes tough for me. Iam partial to camaro, my first car was a 1986 camaro with the 5.0 ( 305) v8, then a 91z28, a 98 trans am, a 2001 som camaro ss and now an 05 gto. Iam really turned off by the weight of this thing, its a little heavier than my gto but I will wait to see what people are running in the quarter mile with them before I deicide that Iam geting one. My buddies Ls3 vette runs 12.3's @ 117.7 bone stock. Iam currious to see what the camaro does as I have been leaning towards a vette cause I want the Lighter car and the ability to put some wide tires on the back. But only time will tell and make no mistake I love the camaro, I find myself draw to it over the vette but the weight just kills it for me

Would you stop loving your wife because she got fatter?

And seriously... if you are waiting on buying the car til you see what it runs in the 1/4, you are buying it for the wrong reason.
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