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^ I wont even touch that...

Originally Posted by Ry4nVan View Post
I'll definitely be there for the Phoenix, AZ show. Wahoo I hope it's the silver ice metallic one. Are you able to sit inside of these Camaro's that they have at the shows? Or are they purely for looks.
Typically, when the car isn't in full production, they wont allow you to sit in the vehicle at the auto show-- they'd either be on a stage, a turntable on the ground, or both. I'd venture to say that the later auto shows will have more variety of the camaros and will let you sit in atleast one of them. (thats what i found with the challenger last year [lame])
So i CANT WAIT for the NY auto show!!!! I'll beg and plead, and spend the entire day at the chevy area to get in the car and fall in love all over again.
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