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Holy shit.

I may have to convince the GF that this will be our family-car (if we eventually become a family!)

Then again, she currently sports a G6 and that car is a piece of shit. So that will take some convincing.

Hell since, this is sorta on-topic, does anyone else worry about POntiac quality? I can't speak for the GTO (which I would think is on a higher standard than a true "production" vehicle since it was limited), but for Grand Prix/Grand Ams, G6s, just seems like they are pieces of shit.

For example, her alarms/keyless hasn't worked since almost the dayshe bought it. It ramdomly sets itslef off...while driving down the road, so Pontiac disabled it for her. The clock randomly changes, it's actually kinda funny to watch. The car squeeks like a 4th gen on less-than-ideal roads, and on the highway is very loud...louder than my old Jetta by far.

It's got power to spare, gets so-so fuel economy, and feels safe/solid...but overall it's just not nice. So much so that she swore she'd never get another Pontiac again.

But I may have to test drive one of these to see how it goes.
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