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To fog light, or not to fog light.

So, I've been looking at ways to shave price off my future camaro and be able to afford it sooner (if at all), and I saw that the only difference between the LS and the 1LT are fog lights and wheels (unless I'm mistaken on that) and a little extra weight due to the spare tire. Well, I was going to replace the wheels anyway, and I put aftermarket fog lights on my hyundai for less than 50 bucks - much less than the 1635 dollar difference in price. What I was thinking was that I would cut two sections out of the lower grill near the center and mount some circular fog lights to match the (non-hid) headlights, kindof like the fog lights on the 1969 camaro. What I don't know, though, is what the LS lower bumper area will look like. Will it have the silly looking fake foglight areas, or be flush (this would be preferable)... I guess, worst case scenario I could bondo over the faux foglight spots, but I'd hate to do that if I could avoid it. Anybody know what the LS fascia will look like? Fbodfather? Bueller?
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