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Originally Posted by The_Blur View Post
I've seen a few complaints that this isn't a giant bunch of changes. I'm trying to understand where you guys think GM should have improved. The Camaro was just released as a 2010, and 2011 also marks the first Camaro convertible, pretty much a whole new car. Between these major events, I don't think GM has a lot of room for R&D on other changes.

For those who are bound to point out that the GT is faster than the SS, I will dispute that claim on two fronts. Firstly, you're not winning by much. A good Camaro driver will catch you. Secondly, there never were many people at the track that showed up stock, and 2011 won't change that. When our higher displacement engines come to the track, we will frequently be coming with exhausts, headers, intakes, and sometimes other parts. For the same modifications, it's a safe bet that we get the same slight advantage. Since both stock and modded pony cars are so close, let's be nice and show respect for both companies doing a good job.

Finally, we are getting some very important features here. The increasingly popular V6 is going to start seeing more orders, and that is the segment that is most important to win. That segment is where the numbers of so many other competitors lie, and winning there helps Chevrolet make claim to a very competitive segment in terms of performance and fuel efficiency. We're getting SGM on more cars, which is something our community specifically requested. We're also getting that HUD we wanted so much.

To say the very least, this is a very impressive update for a car in its second model year. We are very lucky to have GM catering to our requests so eagerly, and we should be eager to show our excitement.
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