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Originally Posted by Bond View Post

Exactly what I wanted to say. The marvelous car that we'd deemed as a gift from the gods barely a year ago all of a sudden isn't enough??? Gimme a break. Everyone knows that the companies don't try to renew interest for a couple of years with the overhaul every four. So what the h*** was everybody expecting?? I was actually surprised they screwed with horsepower so soon! Synergy Green was no surprise as a full time color. It was already being produced and proved to be successful in sales. Same ole song.

Get over it.
All this reminds me about a Simpson's episode when Homer got to design car and he put everything he wanted into it. It was a monster literally ugly as sin and bigger than a tank. People have to realize their will always be a give and take. Some want it to be a refined sedan and some want it to be a stripped out supper car.
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