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Originally Posted by calflan View Post
As far as HUD, at the price of this car, I think it's a big mistake.

The Corvette (with Hud) has a very specific market. Most car enthusiasts that can spend that much moeny for a car are likely more adept to handle such a distracting mod and drive fine. The general public, which is who the Camaro prices attract, will be easily distracted and pay too much attention to the HUD info, as compared to the road.

Pilot's of aircraft that use HUD say there is a 'getting used to' period where they have to train themselves to look through the HUD and use the info, but at the same time, see surrounding environment. The typical driver on the road today can barely coordinate carrying a conversation using a hands free on a cellphone safely behind the wheel, now they'll have HUD to work with ???

Keep the HUD for the 2SS ONLY. That caliber buyer will be like the a Corvette buyer and more a car enthusiast that, majority anyway, can handle such a mod.
That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever...
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